Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The NATA Research & Education Foundation recognizes that every individual is different, each shaped by unique life experiences, with varied access and opportunities.  This recognition enables us to better understand our volunteers and other stakeholders, and eliminate disparities to create meaningful change. When we engage the strengths and talents of each volunteer, we ensure a strong organization capable of providing high-level research, supporting education, and enhancing knowledge to optimize the clinical experience and outcomes for our diverse populations.


Foundation DEI Policy Statement
June 2020

The NATA Research & Education Foundation creates, fosters, and advances a culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its activities.  Our stakeholders come from all walks of life and so should we.  We want committed people from a wide variety of backgrounds involved with the Foundation’s leadership and programs.  Our mission and stakeholders are best served when people bring a variety of views and backgrounds together to advance our strategic priorities.

Foundation DEI Commitment & Progress Statement
June 28, 2022

In June 2020, the NATA Foundation began examining its procedures to determine if it was exemplifying diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). In August 2020, the NATA Foundation established an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force. The Task Force, chaired by Dr. David Perrin, included five additional members – three Foundation Board of Directors, one member from the NATA’s LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee, and one member from the NATA’s Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee.

The Task Force was charged with reviewing the Foundation’s current policies, procedures, and practices to ensure best practices with respect to DEI and to suggest opportunities for new initiatives the Foundation might consider to support DEI within the organization. In December 2020, the Task Force submitted to the Foundation Board of Directors recommendations to edit policies and procedures, opportunities for Foundation programs to improve DEI, and a recommendation to formulate a strategic plan.

The Foundation Board of Directors also made the following commitment:
“The NATA Foundation commits itself, along with its board, officers, committees, volunteers and staff to creating, fostering, and advancing a culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in all Foundation-related activities; including its programs, policies, processes and corporate relationships. The Foundation shall continually assess its systems, structures and outcomes to ensure that it serves its constituents in a just and equitable manner.”

In January 2021, based on the recommendations of the Task Force, the Foundation established three DEI workgroups made up of Foundation Board members. The three groups were tasked with:

  1. Operationally defining key DEI terms and best practices for operations, Foundation program implementation, and awards. Develop metrics to continually track and measure the alignment of Foundation operations and programs with DEI best practices.
  2. Identifying and operationally defining barriers to DEI within the organization in order to define the problem and develop targeted recommendations aligned with DEI best practices to address identified barriers to DEI.
  3. Identifying strategies and best practices for recruitment to optimize the recruitment of diverse board members, committee chairs, and committee members that represent our diverse membership.

The three workgroups researched best practices, gathered feedback and data from NATA Foundation committee members and volunteers, and further examined Foundation policies and procedures.  Workgroups submitted their final reports and recommendation to the Foundation Board of Directors by December 2021. During this time, the three workgroup chairs participated with members from other Strategic Alliance Partners in DEI discussions. These meetings were an opportunity for each Strategic Alliance Partner to share findings and collaborate to improve DEI within their own organizations as well as across the athletic training profession.

In January 2022, after reviewing the three workgroups’ final recommendations, the Foundation consolidated the recommendations into seven action items that were approved by the Foundation Board of Directors in March 2022. The seven action items adopted to enhance the Foundation’s DEI efforts include:

  1. Establish executive committee leadership for the Foundation’s DEI initiatives.
  2. Establish DEI training requirements for all Foundation volunteers and Board of Directors.
  3. Establish an equitable and inclusive recruiting and nominating process that identifies diverse and well-qualified candidates to serve on the Foundation Board of Directors, organizations’ programmatic committees, and through the ambassador program.
  4. Develop a standardized pathway to service and leadership within the Foundation.
  5. Establish programmatic committee specific DEI goals and objectives that are aligned with the Foundation’s commitment to DEI.
  6. Establish written policies and procedures for operational and programmatic committees that incorporate the Foundation’s DEI priorities.
  7. Develop metrics to measure the Foundation’s progress and outcomes related to DEI objectives and policies.

Also in March 2022, the NATA Foundation Board of Directors approved the formation of a consolidated DEI workgroup. The consolidated workgroup, made up of five Foundation Board of Directors and one Foundation staff member, is charged with supporting the Foundation leadership, committee chairs, and staff in implementing and accomplishing the approved DEI action items. The consolidated DEI workgroup has five objectives that include both short-term and long-term goals to accomplish within a one-year period. Two members of the consolidated workgroup will continue to participate in DEI discussions with other Strategic Alliance Partners.

The Foundation’s DEI consolidated workgroup will remain in place until, at least, June 2023, at which time the Foundation Board of Directors will re-evaluate the consolidated workgroup’s progress, continued need for the group, and/or alternative structures to continue supporting the Foundation’s DEI action items, initiatives, and/or other outcomes.