Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The NATA Research & Education Foundation recognizes that every individual is different, each shaped by unique life experiences, with varied access and opportunities.  This recognition enables us to better understand our volunteers and other stakeholders, and eliminate disparities to create meaningful change. When we engage the strengths and talents of each volunteer, we ensure a strong organization capable of providing high-level research, supporting education, and enhancing knowledge to optimize the clinical experience and outcomes for our diverse populations.

Foundation DEI Defined
Diversity:  Diversity is the similarities and differences of people found in our workforce and communities. Diversity includes many characteristics such as race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, appearance, personality, religion, abilities, job function, life experience, geography, regional differences, work experience, family situation and others – all of which make us similar to and different from one another. The NATA Foundation commits itself to creating and fostering a diverse culture.

Equity:  Equity exists when each person has the appropriate access to opportunities and resources to attain their highest quality of life. The NATA Foundation will recognize and address systemic disparities where possible and how those disparities have impacted our volunteers and stakeholders.

Inclusion:  Inclusion is intentionally engaging human differences and viewing such differences as strengths. We create inclusion by actively seeking and valuing the voices and life experiences of each person. These actions build an environment that fosters respect, belonging and trust. The NATA Foundation volunteers are committed to each other and the stakeholders we serve, while being respectful of the differences each individual embodies.

Foundation DEI Policy Statement
The NATA Research & Education Foundation creates, fosters, and advances a culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its activities. Our stakeholders come from all walks of life and so should we. We want committed people from a wide variety of backgrounds involved with the Foundation’s leadership and programs. Our mission and stakeholders are best served when people bring a variety of views and backgrounds together to advance our strategic priorities.

Foundation DEI Commitment Progress Statements
January 22, 2023:
The Foundation’s consolidated DEI workgroup began their formal work in May 2022. Since this time, the workgroup has implemented DEI training for the Foundation’s leadership, including the Board of Directors and programmatic committee chairs. The DEI training is in the process of being implemented for all volunteer committee members, with a target completion date of February 2023.

The consolidated DEI workgroup has also collaborated with the Foundation’s Operation’s Committee to review and support the newly adopted Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will help the Foundation’s efforts to develop, maintain, and facilitate DEI within our systems, starting with recruiting diverse, well-qualified individuals for Foundation volunteer opportunities.

Over the next 6 months, the consolidated workgroup will focus on identifying barriers and recommendations to address barriers within our programs. They will also identify future, yearly DEI training opportunities for Foundation volunteers, continue to collaborate with other Strategic Alliance DEI leaders, and identify the best structure to ensure continued progress of the Foundation’s DEI action items and initiatives.

Previous Statements:
June 28, 2022 DEI Commitment Progress Statement