Summary & Impact Reports

The NATA Foundation supports and advances the athletic training profession through its research grants program. Through 2021, the NATA Foundation has awarded 361 research grants valued at more than $5.13 Million. 

Below you will find Summary & Impact Reports highlighting the outcomes of professional and student grants supported by the NATA Foundation. The reports provide information such as clinical take home messages, publications resulting from the funding, and statements highlighting the impact the NATA Foundation and its donors have had on individuals and the athletic training profession.

Professional Research Grant Recipients
Student Research Grant Recipients

Timothy Butterfield, PhD, ATC
2012 Professional Research Grant Recipient: General
“Load Dependent Effects of Massage on Immunomodulation and Afferent Density”
Read Dr. Butterfield’s Grant Report



Richard J. Boergers, PhD, ATC & Thomas Bowman, PhD, ATC
2015 Professional Research Grant Recipients: General
“The Effect of LaCrosse Protective Equipment and Advanced Airway Equipment on the Ability to Provide CPR”
Read Dr. Boergers’ & Dr. Bowman’s Grant Report



Lindsey K. Lepley PhD, ATC
2016 Professional Research Grant Recipient: New Investigator
“Eccentric exercise to promote immediate beneficial adaptations to muscle”
Read Dr. Lepley’s Grant Report



Sara Nottingham, EdD, LAT, ATC
2016 Professional Research Grant Recipient: Education
“An investigation into doctoral preparation and mentorship in the socialization of pre-tenured athletic training faculty
Read Dr. Nottingham’s Grant Report


Kara Radzak, PhD, ATC
2017 Professional Research Grant Recipient: New Investigator
“An Evaluation on the Prevalence and Effectiveness of Care Provided by Athletic Trainers in a Military Population”
Dr. Radzak’s Grant Report coming soon



Christopher Kuenze, PhD, ATC
2018 Professional Research Grant Recipient: New Investigator
“Physical Activity Participation in Adolescent Athletes with a Recent History of ACL Reconstruction”
Read Dr. Kuenze’s Grant Report


Alicia Pike Lacy, PhD, ATC
2017 Student Research Grant Recipient: Doctoral
“Organizational Culture’s Effect on Injury Treatment Decision Making”
Read Dr. Pike Lacy’s Grant Report



Rebecca Hirschhorn, PhD, ATC
2019 Student Research Grant Recipient: Doctoral
“The Epidemiology of EMS Activations for Sport-Related Injuries by Athletic Training Service Level”
Read Dr. Hirschhorn’s Grant Report