Board of Directors

Ultimate responsibility for the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Research & Education Foundation (NATA Foundation) rests with the Board of Directors, as recognized by both state and federal statute. The Board is the primary force pressing the NATA Foundation to the realization of its opportunities for service and the fulfillment of its obligations to all its constituencies.

The Chief Officer of the Board of Directors is the President.  The Board Executive Committee consists of the Board President and 5 elected Vice Presidents:  the Vice President of Development; the Vice President of Research Programs; the Vice President of Finance; the Vice President of Operations and the Vice President of Education and Professional Development Programs.  The Executive Committee members may serve two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms.

The Board has 11 District Chairs, representing the 11 districts of the National Athletic Trainer Association (NATA).  The District Chairs should be individuals who are, or have been, active in their respective NATA districts, are known to and supported by the district and state leadership and the general membership of that district. District representatives to the Board of Directors may serve two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms.

Currently, there can be up to 3 At Large Director positions on the board.  This position is generally intended for those individuals who can bring special skills, relationships and/or a broad outreach in the athletic training profession. At-large representatives should be those with a history of service, experience and influence within various aspects of NATA, the athletic training profession and athletic health care.  At Large members of  the Board of Directors may serve two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms.

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The NATA Research & Education Foundation creates, fosters, and advances a culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its activities.  Our stakeholders come from all walks of life and so should we.  We want committed people from a wide variety of backgrounds involved with the Foundation’s leadership and programs.  Our mission and stakeholders are best served when people bring a variety of views and backgrounds together to advance our strategic priorities.

Congratulations to incoming board members with terms beginning June 2024:

Vice President, Education & Professional Development Programs: Dawn Emerson, PhD, SCAT, ATC
District 1 Director: Diane Sartanowicz, MS, LAT, ATC
District 9 Director: Tamerah Hunt, PhD, ATC, FACSM
District 10 Director: Sam Johnson, PhD, ATC
At-Large Director: Leigh Weiss, MS, ATC, PT, DPT

Board Officers
District Directors
At-Large Directors
Past Presidents

Kenneth “Ken” Cameron PhD, MPH, ATC, CSCS, FNATA
President 2025 (2)






Robert “Bob” Casmus, MS, LAT, ATC
Vice President, Operations 2025 (2)






MaryBeth Horodyski, EdD, LAT, ATC, FNATA, FNAP
Vice President, Research Programs, 2025 (1)





Jill Manners,
Vice President, Development, 2025 (2)





Kavin Tsang,
Vice President, Education & Professional Development Programs, 2024 (2)






Michael Van Bruggen, MS, LAT, ATC, AEMT
Vice President, Finance 2025 (1)



Jennifer “Jen” Sturtevant, MBA, LAT, ATC
District 1 Director, 2024 (1)





Michael S. Goldenberg, MS,  ATC, CES
District 2 Director, 2026 (1)





Martin “Marty” Baker, MS, LAT, ATC
District 3 Director, 2025 (2)





Mitsue “Alice” Wilcoxson, PhD, PT, LAT, ATC
District 4 Director, 2025 (1) 



Greg Gardner, EdD, ATC
District 5 Director, 2026 (2) 




Keith Jones, ATC
District 6 Director, 2025 (1)




Michelle Gonzalez, MS, ATC
District 7 Director, 2026 (2) 




Ky Kugler, EdD, ATC
District 8 Director, 2026 (2) 


Tamerah Hunt, PhD, ATC, FACSM
District 9 Director, 2027 (1)


Bill Drake,

District 10 Director, 2024 (2)




Joe Whitson,
District 11 Director, 2026 (1)


Dawn Emerson,
At Large Director, 2024 (2)





Scott Sailor,
At Large Director, 2026 (1) 






Cari Wood, LAT, ATC
At Large Director, 2026 (1)





Brian E. Conway, LAT, ATC



Robert T. “R.T.” Floyd,


Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC

Michael Sitler, PhD, ATC

Christopher Ingersoll, PhD, ATC

Marjorie Albohm, MS, ATC

Ronnie P. Barnes, ATC

John W. Powell, PhD, ATC


*For each current board member, the year immediately after their listed position is the end of their current term.  The number in parentheses indicates the current term number being served.