Educational Resources

Please refer to the below links for educational support provided by the Educational Resources Committee (ERC) on various topics:

Tips for Writing Letters of Recommendation
Are you being asked to write a letter or recommendation but not sure where to begin? The ERC, along with the scholarship committee, created this one-page infographic. It helps you structure your letter, steer clear of biases, and maintain consistency. This guide links you directly to various resources offering tips for writing an effective letter of recommendation.


Video Series: Tips for submitting a Free Communications Abstract
The Free Communications Committee, with support from the ERC, presents a new video series to assist individuals with submitting an abstract. Join Free Communications Committee members as they share tips and tricks for submitting a Mixed Methods, Survey or Qualitative Abstract. The videos will cover topics such as abstract guidelines, submission elements, and common reasons for rejection. Presentations are available on the Free Communications Page.

September 2021 Timely Topics Series: The AT and Research & Education 
In collaboration with NATA, the NATA Foundation ERC has organized the September’s NATA Timely Topics Series event, “The AT and Research & Education”.

  • Watch the series on demand on the NATA Timely Topics Series webpage
  • Learn more about each session here.


Vestibular-Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS)
VOMS Information Submitted by the ERC
VOMS  Infographic

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
BPPV Information Submitted by the ERC
BPPV  Infographic



Webinars Examining the NATA Position Statements
The NATA Foundation ERC and NATA Knowledge Initiatives Department created webinars to provide more resources and specific information to assist practicing clinicians, educators and future professionals with incorporating the position statements into practice.  In 2019, the webinars focused on ACL injury, management of SLAP lesions and management of patellofemoral pain.

  • View these webinars on the NATA PDC website.
  • View and download the Positions Statements here.