Donor Giving Societies

The Shoe Box Society for Planned Giving

The Shoe Box Society for Planned Giving is designed to honor those who utilize estate planning to support the mission of the NATA Foundation. These commitments hearken back to the visionaries who founded NATA in Kansas City in 1950. Those pioneers undoubtedly knew their efforts would benefit all who would follow them in the profession much more than themselves.

Membership is open to those who have made a planned gift or who have designated the NATA Foundation in their estate plans. Any size commitment qualifies an individual for membership.  Please contact the NATA Director, Jennifer Yoder, at (972)532-8805 to discuss your planned giving options.  You may also complete the enrollment form found here.

Benefits to Joining

In addition to knowing that a planned gift will benefit the NATA Foundation at the AT profession in the future, you also have the opportunity to motivate others to make a planned gift or to designate the NATA Foundation in an estate plan. Members have the option of allowing us to highlight their planned giving commitment through:

  • Recognition on a plaque at the NATA office
  • Wearing a commemorative pin to wear in addition to their current recognition pin.

Current Shoe Box Society Members Include:

Marjorie Albohm
Stephen Bair
Ronnie Barnes
Patsy Brown
W. David and Amy Carr
Ralph (Ray) and Katherine Castle
David Colt
Robert (R.T.) and Susan (Lisa) Floyd
Joe Gieck
Catherine Grove
Mary (Susan) Guyer
Mark and Laura Hoffman
Mark and Judy Letendre
Ken Locker


Lindsy McLean
David Perrin
Mark and Beth Pfeil
Charles Redmond
Robb Rehberg
Kent Scriber
Sandra (Sandy) Schultz
Michael and Kathleen Sitler
Walter (Kip) Smith
Jeffrey Stone
Cindy Trowbridge
John (Phil) and Bethany Vardiman
Michael Wilkinson
Jennifer Yoder


The AT Loyal Giving Society

When Athletic Trainers support the NATA Foundation, their investment yields great  returns:

  • It will ensure practical research and education programs that will benefit them personally.
  • It will give them the tools necessary to provide the best care possible.
  • It will meaningfully help to solidify the athletic trainer’s role as the healthcare provider of choice for the physically active.

In recognition of its 25th Anniversary, the NATA Foundation created the AT Loyal Giving Society.
NATA Member’s donations are lifetime accumulated through the end of each calendar year.  Members have the opportunity to “level up” each year based on their giving accumulated totals.

Each year a member “levels up”, they will receive a new AT Loyal lapel pin signifying their commitment to the NATA Foundation and the opportunities their programs provide for the AT profession.  AT Loyal donors that “level up” the previous calendar year, can pick up their new lapel pins during the NATA Convention the following June.

AT Loyal Donor Levels
Legacy Donor $10,000+
Platinum Donor $5,000-$9,999
Gold Donor $2,500-$4,999
Silver Donor $1,000-$2,499
Bronze Donor $500-$999
Foundation Donor $250-$499
Foundation Friend $1-$249

AT Loyal Legacy Donors
as of 12/31/20
Thomas Abdenour (D8)
James R. Andrews (D9)
Stephen Bair (D2)
Katherine Dieringer (D6)
Robert (R.T.) Floyd (D9)
Joe Gieck (D3)
Lance Gill (D8)
Robert Kersey (D8)
Richard Malacrea (D2)
Cynthia Trowbridge (D6)

AT Loyal Platinum Donors
as of 12/31/20
 Robert Cantu (D1)
Michelle Cleary (D8)
Brian Conway (D5)
Tony Fitzpatrick (D10)
Robert Gray (D4)
Susan Guyer (D1)
MaryBeth Horodyski (D9)
Darren Johnson (D9)
Lori Michener (D8)
Dale Mildenberger (D7)
Elizabeth Nadler (D7)
David Perrin (D7)
Bart Peterson (D7)
Scott Sailor (D8)
J. Timothy Sensor (D2)
Chris Snoddy (D9)
Jeffrey Stone (D1)
James Thornton (D2)

AT Loyal Gold Donors
as of 12/31/20
Patricia Aronson (D3)
Brad Brown (D6)
Robert Cable (D3)
David Colt (D3)
Jasmine DeBose (D6)
Craig Denegar (D1)
Janice Desi (D1)
Bill Drake (D10)
AJ Duffy (D2)
Jean Durski (D4)
Michael Ferrara (D1)
Louise Fincher (D3)
Francis George (D1)
Kevin Guskiewicz (D3)
Rod Harter (D6)
Joseph Iezzi (D2)
Lennart Johns (D2)
Jeff Konin (D9)
Thomas Koto (D10)
John Leard (D1)
Mark Letendre (D7)
Roberta Malacrea (D2)
Jill Manners (D9)
Christopher Mathewson (D7)
Eric McDonnell (D5)
Cynthia McKnight (D8)
Valerie Moody (D10)
John Parsons (D4)
Christopher Peduzzi (D2)
Richard Ray (D4)
Charles Redmond (D1)
Scott Richter (D10)
Clark Simpson (D4)
Chad Starkey (D4)
Patricia Tripp (D9)
Kavin Tsang (D8)
Paul Ullucci (D1)
Phil Vardiman (D5)
Craig Voll (D4)
Ron Walker (D5)
Frank Walters (D9)
Gary Ward (D5)
Jack Weakley (D2)
Michael Wilkinson (D9)