AT Research Agenda

The purpose of the AT Research Agenda is to identify research priorities and unify research with clinical practice to improve patient care and advance the profession.  The inter-association task force is comprised of selected representation from each of the 4 pillars of the AT Strategic Alliance: NATA Foundation, NATA, CAATE, and BOC.

Read the Journal of Athletic Training article focused on the AT Research Agenda here:
The Prioritized Research Agenda for the Athletic Training Profession: A Report from the Strategic Alliance Research Agenda Task Force

Task Force Members: 

NATA Foundation:
R.T. Floyd, EdD, ATC, CSCS (Chair)
Brian Conway, ATC
Jennifer Earl-Boehm, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Tracey Covassin, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Alison Snyder Valier, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Stacy Walker, PhD, ATC, FNATA


Leigh Weiss, MS, ATC
Lindsey Eberman, PhD, ATC
Esther Nolton, MEd, ATC, CSCS
Kelvin Phan, MSEd, ATC, PES