Athletic Training Research Agenda

The AT Research Agenda
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The purpose of the AT Research Agenda is to identify research priorities and unify research with clinical practice to improve patient care and advance the profession.  

Read the Journal of Athletic Training article focused on the AT Research Agenda here:
The Prioritized Research Agenda for the Athletic Training Profession: A Report from the Strategic Alliance Research Agenda Task Force

The Athletic Training Research Agenda is meant to identify research priorities and unify research with clinical practice. Every member of the AT community has a stake so take action to ensure and improve patient care. Together, we can advance the profession.

Research CARES 
This zoom chat series brings athletic trainers and advocates together and provides a format for open dialogue, discussion and collaboration with the overall goal to improve patient care.  Each month will focus on a new topic. The 45 minute event will begin with a brief presentation (5-10min) by a “content lead”.  Following the presentation, attendees are placed in breakout rooms for open dialogue and discussion. Breakout rooms include 8-10 participants and are a mix of clinicians, advocates, educators, researchers and students.  ATRA Committee members will moderate each room/discussion. This series is meant to be highly fluid, open and interactive discussions. Learn more and register. 

What’s your role in engaging the athletic training research agenda? Use the infographics below to learn how you can engage the athletic training research agenda in your practice. 


Clinical Scholars Blog Series
The Athletic Training Research Agenda Task Force is highlighting athletic trainers who have been recognized by one of their colleagues as a Clinical Scholar Champion for their efforts in collecting point of care research. This blog series celebrates clinical scholars in order to illustrate how research is being used in clinical practice.

May: Mike Hopper, MS, LAT, ATC
June: Mike Dolan, MA, ATC, CSCS
July: Kim Barber Foss, MS, LAT, ATC
August: Bart Peterson, MSS, ATC

NATA Chats
Athletic Training Research Agenda Task Force members, Lindsey Eberman, PhD, ATC, and Jennifer Earl-Boehm, PhD, ATC, join Kenny Lam, ScD, ATC, and Tim McGuine, PhD, ATC, for a discussion highlighting the importance of collecting data at point of care and researcher-clinician partnerships. View via the link below. 

NATA Chats: Athletic Training Research Agenda

Dissemination Toolkit
Looking for ways to share the AT Research Agenda with your network?  The athletic training research agenda taskforce created the document below to assist you with disseminating ATRA content at the District and or State membership levels.

AT Research Agenda – Dissemination Toolkit

The NATA Foundation Board of Directors would like to recognize and thank those that served previously on the AT Research Agenda Task Force.  We are grateful for your service and  the impact you have made on AT research, while advancing the AT profession.

AT Research Agenda Task Force Members:
NATA Foundation Representatives:
Brian Conway, ATC
Jennifer Earl-Boehm, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Tracey Covassin, PhD, ATC, FNATA
R.T. Floyd, EdD, ATC, CSCS
Alison Snyder Valier, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Stacy Walker, PhD, ATC, FNATA

NATA Representative:
Leigh Weiss, DPT, MS, ATC
CAATE Representative:
Lindsey Eberman, PhD, ATC
BOC Representative:
Kelvin Phan, MSEd, ATC, PES
Mindy Lindquist, BOC Marketing
Esther Nolton , PhD, ATC

In addition AT Research Agenda Task Force would like to thank those who have served on workgroups to assist with projects/initiatives to further implement the AT Research Agenda:
Will Adams
Kim Barber Foss
Ernest Eugene
Rob Huggins
Tom Kaminski
Shane Murphy
Ashley Thrasher
Nicole Wilkins


The Athletic Training Research Agenda (ATRA) Task Force was originally assembled as a collaborative inter-association task force among the Athletic Training Strategic Alliance Partners. The initial charge of the task force was to identify Athletic Training research priorities, develop connections among Athletic Training researchers and clinicians and to ultimately improve patient care and advance the profession. The task force successfully identified AT research priorities and subsequently published it as the Athletic Training Research Agenda (ATRA) in the Journal of Athletic Training. The NATA Foundation has been given the opportunity to oversee the advancement and advocacy of the ATRA in accordance with the values and mission of the Strategic Alliance Partners. Therefore, the NATA Foundation Board of Directors has approved a new committee, called the “Athletic Training Research Agenda Committee (ATRA Committee)”. The purpose of the committee is to advance and implement the ATRA while maintaining alignment with the missions of each of the strategic partners.

Committee Structure and Alignment within the Foundation:

Each of the existing NATA Foundation program committees will provide sufficient expertise in the research, education, and clinical practice communities of athletic training. The ATRAC will be comprised of 11 voting committee members, 2 non-voting BOD liaisons and one non-voting staff liaison. The 11 committee members will include 8 total members from the NATA Foundation and one representative from each of the other strategic partners (CAATE, BOC and NATA). The 8 total members from the Foundation will include a chairperson for the ATRAC and one representative from each the following NATA Foundation program committees:

  1. Research Committee
  2. Free Communications Committee
  3. Pronouncements Committee
  4. Educational Resources Committee
  5. Student Writing Contest Committee
  6. Faculty Mentor Program
  7. Scholarship Committee