Gifts of Stocks and Other Marketable Securities

We value your gifts of stock and securities.  In order to help you with the donation process and to ensure this is handled efficiently, please contact Jennifer Yoder, NATA Foundation Director, at (972)532-8805

If you  plan on contributing securities to the Foundation via DTC, please inform the NATA Foundation of the donor’s name, date of gift, issue, and the number of shares so that we can acknowledge donations properly.

Please use the following information for electronic transfer by broker/dealer:
DTC # 0221
FAO # PE 24001 – HighGround Trust Company
For the Benefit of: (Donor Name ) / NATA Foundation

* Note: Marketable securities may be transferred electronically to the Foundation’s brokerage firm, or delivered physically with the transferor’s endorsement or signed stock power (with appropriate signature guarantees) attached. All marketable securities will be sold promptly upon receipt unless otherwise directed by the NATA Foundation’s Finance Committee. In some cases marketable securities may be restricted, for example, by applicable securities laws or the terms of the proposed gift; in such instances the decision whether to accept the restricted securities shall be made by the Finance Committee