Mentorship Programs

Welcome to the NATA Foundation’s Mentorship Programs, designed to support and guide individuals in their professional journeys within the field of athletic training. Our mentorship initiatives aim to foster a community that values collaboration, advocacy, and mentorship.

What is mentoring?
A shared professional experience forged between two individuals, one with more experiences (mentor) than the other (mentee), in which the more experienced individual helps the novice learn to navigate the world and the world of work.

Learn more about our programs below.

Faculty Mentor Program:

The NATA Foundation Faculty Mentor Program pairs junior faculty members with established faculty who will provide guidance, advice and assistance in navigating the first several years of employment within higher education. The goal is to form a lasting relationship to help the mentee build a solid knowledge base and acquire an understanding of the balance necessary to becoming a successful researcher and educator. Learn more!

NEW! Doctoral Mentor Program:

Introducing the Doctoral Mentor Program, an extension of our Faculty Mentor Program, specifically designed for doctoral students. This initiative focuses on research collaboration, service to the profession, and advancing teaching practices to prepare students for roles in higher education or industry. Learn more!


Those interested in participating in the program should complete and submit an application, along with a current CV to Kathryn LaLonde at by March 15. Applicants will be notified of their selection and pair by late April/early May.

Faculty Mentor Program: Mentee Application
Doctoral Mentor Program: Mentee Application

Interested in serving as a mentor?

Please complete and submit the Mentor Application by March 15.