2018 Grant Awardees

New Investigator

Lindsey DiStefano, PhD, ATC
“Comprehensive High School Sport Safety: A Personalized Approach for the Local Implementation of Best Practice Initiatives”

Sakiko Oyama, PhD, ATC
“Investigation of lumbo-pelvic-hip muscle function, trunk/pelvis kinematics, and joint loading in baseball pitching”


Trevor Thompson, ATC
“Corticospinal Excitability of the Gluteus Maximus in Individuals with and without Chronic Ankle Instability: A Pilot Study”

Oliver Silverson, ATC
“Reliability and validity of a clinical assessment tool for measuring scapular mobility”

Emily Nelson, ATC
“Educator and Preceptor Roles in Athletic Training Student Development”

Yuki Sugimoto, MS, LAT, ATC, CKTP
“The Effects of Visual Focus and Visual Sensory Reweighting on Postural Control in Individuals With and Without CAI.”

Melissa Kay, MS, LAT, ATC
“Development of a theory-based intervention for communication of healthcare decisions in athletic training: The CHAT study”

Jennifer Savage, MS, ATC
“ Examining Driving Performance Among High School and Collegiate Athletes After Sustaining a Sport-Related Concussion”

Rachel Koldenhoven, Med, ATC
“Effects of gait biofeedback and impairment-based rehabilitation in individuals with chronic ankle instability”

Shelby Baez, MS, LAT
“Implementation of In Vivo Exposure Therapy to Decrease Fear in Females after ACL-Reconstruction: A Pilot Study”

Christopher Johnston, ATC, MS
“Quadriceps Muscle Quality Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Potential Mechanism for Knee Osteoarthritis”

Lisa-Anne Cummins,  MEd, ATC, CSCS
“Biomechanical and Health-Related Quality of Life Factors in Males with Patellofemoral Pain”

Yun-Lin Huang, ATC
“The influence of quadriceps rate of torque development and arthrogenic muscle inhibition on knee landing mechanics during different tasks.”

Christopher Kuenze, PhD, ATC
“Physical Activity Participation in Adolescent Athletes with a Recent History of ACL Reconstruction”