2023 Grant Awardees

Professional Grant Program
Doctoral Student Grant Program
Masters Student Grant Program

General Grant Category

Shelby Baez, PhD, ATC
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“The GEMM Trial: Graded Exposure and Mindfulness Meditation for Patients Post‐ACL Reconstruction”

Steven Westereng, PhD, LAT, ATC & Erin Haugen, PhD, LP, CMPC
University of North Dakota
“Ready, Set, Return: Improving Psychological Readiness for Return to Sport Post‐Injury”

New Investigator Grant Category

Landon Lempke, PhD, ATC
University of Michigan
“Diagnostic Utility of a Functional, Dual‐Task Assessment After Concussion: The Standardized Assessment of Reaction Time (StART)”


Dimitrios Athanasiadis
Oregon State University
“Comparison of static foot morphology tests and the influences of morphology and mechanical demand on the dynamic behavior of the transverse arch”
Funded by: Darren L. Johnson Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Brittany Ingram
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“The Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Sport Related Concussion in Emerging Adults”
Funded by: The Abdenour Family Research Grant

Eric Shumski
University of Georgia
“Varying Cognitive and Motor Task Demands During Gait, Jumping, and Cutting Among Individuals With and Without a Concussion History”
Funded by: Cantu/ Guskiewicz Research Award Endowment for Sport

Molly Taylor
University of Kentucky
“An Emotional Intelligence Educational Intervention to Reduce Burnout in Healthcare Profession Students: A Pilot Study”
Funded by: Joe Gieck Challenge Doctoral Research Endowment

Sara Escobar
University of Lynchburg
“Impact Mitigation Properties of Youth and Adult Ice Hockey Helmets”
Funded by: District 3 Masters Research Grant Endowment

Maegan Milliet, SCAT, LAT, ATC
University of South Carolina
“Interviews of Athletic Trainers’ Following the Death of a Student-Athlete by Suicide”
Funded by: Osternig Research Endowment

Kayla Staquet, ATC
University of Connecticut
“An examination of compassion fatigue and burnout among athletic trainers employed in sports organizations”
Funded by: Women in Athletic Training Research Endowment