2022 Grant Awardees

Professional Grant Program
Student Grant Program
Masters Student Grant Program

General Grant Category

David Bazett-Jones, PhD, ATC, CSCS
University of Toledo
“The Influence of Training Loads on Running-Related Injuries in High School Cross-Country Runners: A Prospective Study”

New Investigator Grant Category

Laurie Devaney, PhD, ATC, PT
University of Connecticut
“Pre-season Neck Mobility and Risk of Shoulder and Elbow Injury in College Baseball Pitchers”

Matt Harkey, PhD, ATC
Michigan State University
“Clinically Accessible Strategy for Monitoring Effusion-Synovitis and Walking Biomechanics to Predict Early Osteoarthritis Symptoms Following ACL Reconstruction”

Michelle Weber Rawlins, PhD, ATC
San Diego State University Foundation
“The Influence of Social Determinants of Health on Concussion Care Seeking Behaviors in Historically Underrepresented Ethnic and Racial Groups”

Doctoral Grant Category

Collin Peterson, MAT, ATC
Oregon State University
Economic Evaluation of High School Athletic Training Services in the United States: Analysis of Nationwide Healthcare Database
Funded by: Joe Gieck Challenge Doctoral Research Endowment

Justin Rush, MS, ATC
The University of Toledo
“Neurocognitive Performance and Dual-Task Cost After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction”
Funded by: PFATS Kent and Maxine Falb Doctoral Research Grant

Lauren Sheldon, MS, LAT, ATC
University of Connecticut
“Preventive Training Programs in Secondary Schools”
Funded by: Ted Quedenfeld Research Endowment

Oliver A Silverson, MS, ATC
Regents of the University of Minnesota
“Effects of exposure to strenuous shoulder activity on glenohumeral and scapulothoracic kinematics in competitive swimmers with glenohumeral instability”
Funded by: GLATA Thomas Weidner Doctoral Research Endowment

Hannah Stedge, MS, LAT, ATC
Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
“The effects of high-fidelity simulation versus low-fidelity simulation on athletic training student self-confidence when performing rectal thermometry: A mixed-methods study.”
Funded by: The Abdenour Family Research Grant

Masters Grant Category

Kaitlynn Moll
University of South Carolina
“Implementation of a Focused History Script for the Social Determinants of Health to Facilitate Conversations with Secondary School Patients”
Funded by: District 3 Masters Research Grant Endowment

Minsub Oh
Brigham Young University
“Effects of Pain in Static and Dynamic Postural Control Between Chronic Ankle Instability With and Without Pain”
Funded by: James R. Andrews MD Research Endowment

Brandon Wood
Brigham Young University
“Effects of neuromuscular training with external visual feedback on movement patterns in individuals with chronic ankle instability”
Funded by: Osternig Research Endowment


Jasmin DeBerry
James Madison University
“Minority Student’s Perception of Athletic Training Programs’ Recruitment and Retention Strategies”
Funded by: Women in Athletic Training Research Endowment

Sara Binkley
University of South Carolina
“Yoga Practices on Improving Balance, Performance, and Anxiety in Collegiate Athletes”
Funded by: Malacrea Research Endowment

Corinne Carbone
University of South Carolina
“Who serves those who serve? The availability of athletic trainers to ROTC programs across the United States”
Funded by: Malacrea Research Endowment

Danielle Gochenour
University of Nebraska at Omaha
“The Relationship Between Hamstring Tightness and Pelvis Movement in College Softball Pitchers”
Funded by: Malacrea Research Endowment

Takhyun Yoo
University of Nebraska at Omaha
“Correlation between Center of Pressure Deviation and Proprioception Performance in those with Chronic Ankle Instability”
Funded by: Malacrea Research Endowment