Grant Writing Workshop

Hosted by the NATA Foundation Research Committee

10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Friday, June 23

The NATA Foundation is bringing together a nationally recognized group of mentors that have obtained success with external funding agencies to maximize the chance of research funding for athletic training investigators. This workshop will provide the expertise and support to improve funding successes for grant proposals submitted to the NATA Foundation, NIH, DoD, and other agencies funding athletic training research. The target audience for this workshop includes junior and mid-level athletic training researchers that are on the cusp of success but could benefit from expert mentorship in grant development. Past attendees, post-doctoral fellows and doctoral candidates who are transitioning to faculty positions are also encouraged to register to attend.

The 2023 GWW will include a pre-event virtual presentation (Tuesday, June 6 at 11 AM CT, recording will be available if unable to attend) that will provide guidance on: 1)  developing  a scientific aims page, 2) understanding the grant proposal review process, and 3) selecting the appropriate grant mechanism/agency. At convention, the centerpiece of the experience will be a 2-hr in-person workshop where attendees will have their current grant proposal documents reviewed by mentors in the field.

At the in-person workshop:

  • First-time attendees will be expected to come prepared to share and receive feedback on the specific aims page of a grant proposal in a small group format made up of mentors and peers.
  • Returning-attendees will be expected to come prepared to share and receive feedback on a grant proposal via a series of one-on-one consultation meetings with different mentors. At minimum, returning attendees should prepare a specific aims page for the workshop for discussion purposes. Returning attendees are also encouraged to make the most of their time with each mentor by discussing other sections of the grant proposal, reviewer feedback, and/or generalized advice for career advancement, as appropriate based on their individual career development and needs.

Registration is required for this event.

Registration for the 2023 GWW has now closed.  If you are interested in attending, please email Kathryn LaLonde at