The NATA Foundation Board of Directors is currently seeking to fill the following Board of Director leadership roles by current renewal or nominations.  Applicants may either be nominated by another NATA member or self-nominate for these opportunities:

Renewal Opportunities (current directors may decide to apply to renew, however, open nominations are being accepted and considered):

Board President
VP Finance
VP District Relations
District 2 Chair
District 6 Chair
One Director At-Large


Vacancy Opportunity (current director’s term is expiring):

VP External Affairs
District 3 Chair



Nomination Packet



NATA Foundation Board of Directors 2018-2019

2018-2019 NATA Foundation Executive Committee

Brian Conway, ATC
President, 2019 (2021)

Valerie “Val” Moody PhD, ATC,LAT, WEMT-B, CSCS
Vice President, External Affairs, 2019 (2021)

Cynthia “Cindy Trowbridge, PhD, ATC, LAT
Vice President, District Relations, 2019 (2021)

Kenneth “Ken” Cameron PhD, MPH, ATC
Vice President, Governance, 2020 (2022)

Richard “Rich” Ray, EdD, ATC
Vice President, Finance, 2019 (2021)

2015-2016 NATA Board of Directors

Tim Sensor, ATC
District 2 Chair, 2019 (1)

Jill A. Manners, MS, ATC, PT
District 3 Chair, 2019 (2)

Robert S. “Bob” Gray, MS ATC
District 4 Chair, 2020 (2)

W. David Carr, PhD, ATC
District 5 Chair, 2020 (2)

Tom Woods, MEd, MS, ATC
District 6 Chair, 2019 (1)

Bart Peterson, MSSM ATC
District 7 Chair, 2020 (2)

Kavin Tsang PhD, ATC
District 8 Chair, 2020 (2)

Patricia “Pattie” M. Tripp, PhD, ATC, LAT, CSCS
District 9 Chair, 2018 (2)

Scott Richter, MEd, ATC
District 10 Chair, 2019 (1)

J. Phillip Vardiman PhD, ATC
At Large Director, 2020 (2)

Mike Ferrara, PhD, ATC
At Large Director, 2020 (2)

Eric McDonald
At Large Director, 2020 (1)

Tom Abdenour, ATC, CES, PES
At Large Director, 2019 (1)

Kenneth “Ken” Cameron PhD, MPH, ATC
At Large Director, 2018 (2)


Past Presidents

Robert T. “R.T.” Floyd, EdD, ATC, CSCS

Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC

Michael Sitler, PhD, ATC

Christopher Ingersoll, PhD, ATC

Marjorie Albohm, MS, ATC

Ronnie P. Barnes, ATC

John W. Powell, PhD, ATC



Jennifer Yoder
NATA Foundation Director

Skylar Gorman
NATA Foundation Development Associate