Women in Athletic Training Research Endowment


About the Endowment:
The Women in Athletic Training Research Endowment, established in 2009, provides a Masters research grant of up to $1,000.

About Women in Athletic Training:
In 1972, there were only two graduate athletic training programs in the nation and only one accepted women.  Today, more than 51% of the NATA’s certified and associate membership is women and nearly 70% of student members are female. The success of so many women in the profession is the result of the tireless efforts of many. This endowment honors those individuals and provides continued support of women ATs as our profession grows and takes its place in the national health care picture.

Your contribution to The Women in Athletic Training Master’s Research Grant Endowment can honor the first women in our profession, recognize those that helped you on your way and demonstrate your commitment to the future of athletic training. Honor your mentors, your friends and your colleagues in athletic training through your support of this endowed grant and you will be a part of a continued investment in women in the profession of athletic training.


Research Grant Recipients
2017 – Shelby Conard, ATC “The Relationship of Injury and Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Effective Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Fire Fighters”
2016 – Kelly Leonard, ATC “Effects of dyad training on jump drop landing technique transfer and retention in female athletes”
2015 – Angelina Purchio, BS,  JoLynn Leisinger, BS, Maria Bartoletti, BS, Weber State University  “Effectiveness of Direct Contact Cryotherapy vs Cryo-Compression Units on Decreasing Intramuscular and Skin Temperatures”
Commitment:  $25,000
Amount Received:  $25,000

“The establishment of a Master’s Grant Endowment for Women is important to me because there is no better ‘product’ to invest in than an athletic trainer. I can’t think of a better way to honor the profession that has so richly blessed my life than by giving money and investing in the future of our profession. In my opinion there is no other investment that would have a greater return.”

Cindy Trowbridge PhD, ATC, LAT, CSCS
Clinical Education Coordinator
Athletic Training Education Program
The University of Texas at Arlington


Individual Donors:

Tom Abdenour
Jamie Adams
Marcia Anderson
Patricia Aronson
Keith Bishop
Jennifer Brodeur
Amy Brugge
Nancy Burke
Debbie Craig
Kimberly Detwiler
Kathy Dieringer
Leslie Duinink
Lindsey Eberman
Kimberly Ferrill-Moseley
Timothy Fischer
R.T. Floyd
Carolyn Greer
Sue Guyer
Christopher Hernandez
Valerie Herzog
MaryBeth Horodyski
Lisa Jutte
Jackie Kingma
Susan Lalicker
Sarah Manspeaker
Malissa Martin
Chris Mathewson
Loree McCary
Cynthia McKnight
Mary McLendon
Dani Moffit
Joyce Morgan
Elizabeth Nadler
Emma Nye
Andrew Paulin
Ellen Payne
Carolyn Peters
Kelvin Phan
Jennifer Popp
John Purdy
Dona Richardson
Ruth & Eric Riggan
Sydney Ringer
Gretchen Schlabach
Kent Scriber
Rene Shingles
Alisha Smith
Sarah Snodgrass
Rebecca Spurlock
Danielle Stensvold
Stacy Struble
Melinda Terry
Clint Thompson
Pattie & Brady Tripp
Cindy Trowbridge
Thomas Weidner
Mark Wheelock
Cari Wood
Vanessa Yang
Ericka Zimmerman


Corporate Donors:
ACES Preparatory Workshops