The Abdenour Family Research Grant

About the Endowment:
The Abdenour Family Research Grant will provide $2,500 to support the research of a clinician or junior faculty without academic tenure that enhances the clinical experience and outcomes within the diverse population served by the athletic training profession.


Status:  ENDOWED
Commitment:  $50,000
Amount Received:  $50,00
This endowment will be eligible for award in 2019



Christine Abdenour
Tom Abdenour


Rebecca Abdenour-Gebhardt
Matthew Gebhardt
Joshua Gebhardt
Corrin Gebhardt
Dylan Gebhardt
Carolyn Abdenour
Shaun Bogues
Tommy Abdenour
Anthony Abdenour
Sadie Abdenour
JoAnn Abdenour
Mike Abdenour
Janice Abdenour
Michael Abdenour
Keith Abdenour
Janet Abdenour-Dabney
Brian Dabney