PFATS Scholarship Endowment

About the Endowment:
The PFATS Scholarship Endowment, established in 2008, provides four annual scholarships of $2,300 to qualified athletic training students.


Dean Kleinschmidt Scholarship

Dean Kleinschmidt’s fundraising efforts helped build the NATA Foundation scholarship program during its early years. He has served three terms as president of the Professional Football Athletic Trainers’ Society and has been a member of two NFL advisory committees to the commissioner. Mr. Kleinschmidt is coordinator of athletic medicine for the Detroit Lions, after spending most of his career with the New Orleans Saints. He was inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame in 1994.

2017    Eric Schwartz, University of Arkansas
2016    Brooke Kapple, Ohio University
2015    Jennifer Ach, University of Minnesota
2014    Brett Sigley, West Virginia University
2013    Laura Zdziarski, Roanoke College
2012    Ashley Bracken, Western Carolina University
2011    Josh Lammert, Northwest Missouri State University
2010    Stasia Burroughs, Auburn University
2009    Noritoshi Shirakawa, Louisiana State University
2008    Shellie Spiers, Louisiana College

William Tessendorf Scholarship

William “Bill” Tessendorf’s legacy as an athletic trainer will be his efforts to advance the profession and create more opportunities for his colleagues. Mr. Tessendorf has worked as an athletic trainer in the National Football League for nearly four decades, including more than 20 years with the Cleveland Browns and a Super Bowl win with the Baltimore Ravens in 2001. Mr. Tessendorf has shown his commitment to his profession by serving as president of the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association. He was the first to represent athletic trainers on the NFL Injury & Safety panel, advocating for player safety and injury prevention for nearly two decades. He was inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame in 2012.

2017     Haley Anderson, Westchester University
2016     Matthew Harkey, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2015     Emilee Anderson, Grand Valley State University
2014     Nichole Eads, Western Carolina University
2013     Philip Szlosek, Old Dominion University
2012     Emily Gaddy, Campbell University
2011     Lucas Bahnmaier, University of Oregon
2010    Rachel Sharpe, University of South Carolina
2009    Joshua Lammert, Missouri Valley College
2008    Marc Norcross, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Edward Block Courage Society Scholarship

Ed Block was a friend, confidant and healer for the Baltimore Colts from 1954-77. The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation established in his memory, now advocates for children in crisis. In addition to caring for the Colts, Mr. Block worked with area Baltimore hospitals and with the in-space conditioning program for NASA. He was inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame in 1974.

2017     Zachary Harbaugh, Winona State University
2016     Rena Gluck, Boston University
2015     Mary Helfer, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
2014     Sarah Mcnamara, Western Carolina University
2013     Allessa Lennon, Western Carolina University
2012     Michelle Jacobs, Old Dominion University
2011     Amber Radtke, University of Kentucky
2010    David Oats, University of Delaware
2009    Seth Bires, Slippery Rock University
2008    William Jones, Slippery Rock University


Larry “Stosh” Neumann Memorial Scholarship

Larry E. “Stosh” Neumann attended Mankato State University. He worked with the Minnesota Vikings as an assistant athletic trainer for 16 years, from the time he graduated college until he retired in 1992 due to illness. He passed away in 1996.
2017     Trevor Thompson, Ithaca College
2016     Leah Dell, University of Southern Maine
2015     Jesse Williams, California State, Fullerton
2014     Julia Spellman, University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse
2013     Stephanie Snyder, SUNY Brockport
2012     Shelby Reed, Central Methodist University
2011      Marissa Jones, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
2010     Sunku Kwon, Bridgewater State College
2009     Elizabeth Wolfe, University of South Carolina
2008    Beth Fruechte, Minnesota State University at Moorhead

Jerry Rhea Scholarship

Jerry Rhea attended Texas A&M and graduated in 1958. Jerry worked 8 years in Texas schools as Head Athletic Trainer, and went on to serve as Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Los Angeles Rams.

Rhea served as head athletic trainer for the Atlanta Falcons from 1969 until 1994. Following his role as Head Athletic Trainer, Rhea worked as Assistant to the President of the Falcons from 1994 to 2001.  In addition to his duties with the Falcons, Rhea was elected president of SEATA in 1982 and served as the President of the National Athletic Trainers Association from 1986-1988. He was inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame in 1987.

2017     Jane Sweeney, University of South Carolina
2016     Laura Zdziarski, University of Florida

John Norwig Scholarship

John Norwig has spent 27 years in the NFL. He attended Pennsylvania State University and has served as a past PFATS President. He has served on many other committees and panels such as; the NFL Injury and Safety Panel, the Neck and Spine Committee, the NFL Accountability and Care Committee, and the PFATS Foundation.

2017     Bryndan Lindsey, George Mason University


Lamar “Bubba” Tyer Scholarship

Named after the long term Head Athletic Trainer for the Washington Redskins for 37 seasons, who retired in 2009.  As a tribute to his dedication and professionalism, Tyer was recognized as the NFL’s top trainer in 2000 and was inducted to the Redskins Ring of Fame at FedExField in 2003. In addition, Tyer previously served as president of the Pro Football Athletic Trainers Society.
This endowment to be awarded starting in 2018.


Robert H. “Bobby” Gunn Scholarship

Robert Henry “Bobby” Gunn was born April 27, 1924. He attended Rice, graduating in 1951. While at Rice he served as an assistant to head athletic trainer Eddie Wojecki.

Upon graduation Gunn became the athletic trainer at Brazosport High School in Freeport, Texas. During his career he would also work at Robert E. Lee High School in Baytown, Texas, Lamar Tech (now Lamar University) and the Washington Redskins and Houston Oilers in the NFL.

Gunn was a founding member of the Southwest Athletic Trainers’ Association and served SWATA in many positions. He was on the NATA Board of Directors from 1965-69, serving as the Chair of the Board of Directors the last two years on his Board service. In 1970, Gunn was elected as the first President of the NATA. He would serve as President until 1974.

Gunn was inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame in 1975 and he passed away at age 82 on March 1, 2007.

2017    James Yancy, University of Montana


Steve “Greek” Antonopulos Scholarship

Steve Antonopulos has spent 42 years in the NFL. He attended the University of Northern Colorado. He worked as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Denver Broncos from 1980 until 2017. He now serves as the Director of Sports Medicine for the Denver Broncos. He served as PFATS president from 2003-2008.


2017     Not awarded
2016     Chastity Chov, The University of Texas, Austin
2015     Seong Jun Son, Brigham Young University





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