PFATS Research Endowment
Kent and Maxine Falb Research Endowment


About the Endowment
Named after Kent and Maxine Falb. Kent served as NATA President, the long term athletic trainer for the Detroit Lions and currently serves as the PFATS Executive Assistant. Kent was inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame in 1999 and also served as past NATA President. Maxine is an avid supporter of certified Athletic Trainers.


About PFATS:
The Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society is over 100 members strong. All members are Certified Athletic Trainers and the vast majority has advanced degrees. PFATS provides scholarship and internship opportunities, educational seminars and charitable activities with the ultimate goal of sharing information and education. PFATS hopes to provide support and encouragement to both Student and Certified Athletic Trainers, to provide with the team physician’s and other medical professionals the highest quality healthcare to the athletes they serve and to show the value that a Certified Athletic Trainer provides to the team. PFATS works with the NFL Physician’s Society, the National Football League and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association we take on new challenges to work towards better solutions, collaborative opportunities and new ideas.

Donors have several selection priorities (listed below in descending priority order):

Sports Hernia
Ankle Syndesmosis Injuries
Lis France Injuries
Jones Fractures
Heat Illness
Low Back
Lower or Upper Extremity

Research Grant Recipients:


2017 – Caroline Lisee, ATC “The impact of involved limb quadriceps dysfunction on single leg movement quality after ACL reconstruction”
2016 – Kyeongtak Song MS, ATC, CSCS “Influence of Visual Perturbations on Static and Dynamic Postural Control in Chronic Ankle Instability Patients”
2015 – Zachary Winkleman, Indiana State University
2014 – J. Luke Pryor,  MS, ATC, University of Connecticut, “Effectiveness of an Intermittent Heat Exposure to Maintain Heat Acclimation”
2010 – Melissa M. Montgomery, MA, ATC, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “The Effect of Relative Lean Body Mass and Strength on Hip, Knee and Ankle Energy Absorption During Landing”

Commitment: $52,000
Amount Received: $52,000

Donor Organizations:
Professional Football Athletic Trainers’ Society