Louis R. Osternig, PhD, Research Endowment


About the Endowment:
The Osternig Master’s Research Grant program has awarded funds to student investigators since 2001. In 2009, a permanent endowment was established by friends of Dr. Osternig to honor his many contributions to the sports medicine body of knowledge and to continue the grant program in perpetuity. The Louis R. Osternig, PhD, Research Endowment provides a $1,000 master’s-level grant to one qualified student annually.


Research priorities

to a qualified graduate student conducting head injury research at the University of Oregon.
to a qualified graduate student conducting athletic training research at the University of Oregon.
to a qualified graduate student from NATA district 10 conducting athletic training research.
to a qualified graduate student conducting athletic training research.


About Dr. Osternig:
Louis R. Osternig’s research has focused on musculoskeletal function before and after injury and surgery and conducted studies on post-injury/post-surgery adaptations and recovery.  In recent years he has collaborated with University of Oregon collegues and graduate students on studies examining the acute and long-term effects of mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) on cognitive and motor functions in university and high school students.

Dr. Osternig began teaching in 1971 as an assistant professor of physical education at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California where he also served as head athletic trainer.  A year later, he came to the University of Oregon (UO) as an assistant professor and athletic trainer, and became a full professor in 1983. During his tenure with the UO, Osternig has served in a number of administrative roles. From 1973 until 1990, he was the director of the program in sports medicine and the accredited graduate program in athletic training. Concurrently, between 1981 and 1984, he served as head of the Division of Exercise Science in the Department of Physical Education and Human Movement Studies, and later Head of the Division of Graduate Studies, a position he held until 1990.

Since 2006, he has served as Professor Emeritus in the Department of Human Physiology at the UO.

Dr. Osternig has co-authored more than 60 research articles that appeared in journals such as theJournal of Athletic Training,  American Journal of Sports Medicine,  American Journal of Physical Medicine,  Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,  Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise,  Clinical Biomechanics, Brain Injury, Brain,Experimental Brain Research, British Journal of Sports Medicine, Neuropsychologia, Journal of Orthopaedic Research, Gait and Posture, Journal of Musculoskeletal Research, Medical Engineering & Physics, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery,Journal of Motor Behavior, Neuroscience Letters, European Journal of Applied Physiology,  Journal of Sport Rehabilitation,Journal of Biomechanics, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport.

Research Grant Recipients:

2015 – Shelby Baez, ATC University of Kentucky,“Use of Response Shift to Improve between Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Performance-Based Testing in Knee Patients”
2014 – Rachel Walker,  University of Iowa
2013 – Ariel Guldstrand,  University of Utah
2012 – Emily Brownell,  University of Kentucky
2007 – Matthew Bracken,  University of Toledo

Jessica Barrett,  Old Dominion University
Nathan Crockett,  West Virginia University
Charles Emerson & Dawn Minton,  Florida International University
Matthew Gilbert,  University of Toledo
Mary Beth Gilliam,  University of Delaware
Mary Joos,  Old Dominion University
Emily Markis,  Temple University
Lacey Nordsiden,  Old Dominion University
Erin O’Donoghue,  Old Dominion University
Regina O’Hara,  Old Dominion University


Naoko Aminika, University of Toledo
Patricia Anzivino & Kellie Guth, Old Dominion University
Paul Buchheit, University of Northern Iowa
Nicole Craig, University of Northern Iowa
Melisa Fazio & Jennifer Sebert, University of Kentucky
Julie Sandy, Georgia Southern University
Amelia Sesma, University of Kentucky
Megan Shaw, University of Toledo
Eric Simmons, AT Still University
Lyndsay Smith, Georgia Southern University
Eric Sorenson, University of Oregon


Aikane Belez, Georgia Southern University
Allison Lane, University of Pittsburgh
Jennifer Merkle, Texas Tech University
Kristina Palmer, Georgia Southern University
Akshay Patel, UNC at Chapel Hill
Junita Payne, AT Still University
Kristin Stoneberg, University of Northern Iowa
Lindsay Strickland, UNC at Chapel Hill
Anthony Zaino, Quinnipiac University


Michelle Boling University of Kentucky
David Carney, University of Wisconsin
Stacy Downar, University of Kentucky
Amy Newell, Old Dominion University
Natalie Senese, University of Florida
Shawna Wood, University of Pittsburgh
Lindsay Strickland, Barry University


Jeffrey Bribban, Temple University
Ayako Habu, University of Pittsburgh
Marc Norcross, UNC at Chapel Hill
Anthony Piegaro, Jr., West Virginia University
Danielle Wilderman, UNC at Chapel Hill


Steven Broglio, University of Pittsburgh
Christine Douglas, University of Florida
Jill Lassiter, State University of NY College at Brockport
Giampietro Vairo, University of Pittsburg

Commitment: $25,000
Amount Received: $25,802.34
Needed to Endow: $0

Robert & Martha Crist
Reed Ferber, PhD, ATC
Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC
Scott Kitchel
Michael Koester, MD
Tara Lepp, MS, ATC
John Mercer, PhD
Louis Osternig, PhD, ATC
Susan Verscheure, PhD, ATC
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