Guidelines for Establishing New Endowments

  • A 10% down payment and 50% pledged towards the funds required to fully fund it within six-months.
  • The period for full payment of the funds required for full funding shall not extend beyond five years from the date of execution of an endowment contract.
  • With the support of the NATA Foundation Director and upon approval by the Board of Directors, written approval may extend the payment period longer than five years under rare and special circumstances.
  • If the endowment is not fully funded by five years from the date of contract execution, the Board of Directors, in consultation with the Donor(s) (if possible) or with the NATA Foundation Director, will direct the use of this gift in the best interest of the NATA Foundation and in a manner as close as possible to the original intent of the Donor(s) as expressed in the Gift Agreement.
  • In the interest of financial responsibility and efficiency, it is the specific preference of the Board of Directors that all endowment gifts are eligible for commingling for investment purposes with other endowment funds.
  • To protect the NATA Foundation’s unrestricted revenue that is provided (and budgeted for annually) by districts participating in the dues sharing program, dollars may not be diverted to fund endowments established after January 1, 2014. In the event a district not currently participating in dues sharing (at the professional and/or student levels) wishes to do so, that district may utilize those funds for a new endowment. Districts that wish to increase dues sharing allocations may utilize new funds for endowments, providing the full amount will be un\restricted when endowment is fully funded.
  • A nominal administrative fee associated with the collection and disbursement of gifts and gift income will be assessed annually1.

1 The fee will be of combination of the actual cost of the investment fees plus a modest management fee. This is very important as it is meant to provide a rationale for discussions with donors.