The Building Blocks program was created to provide athletic trainers with valuable information and tools that can be used in their daily practice. The information is presented in the format of concise fact sheets, which enable the AT to have the most critical facts related to a variety of injuries and conditions at their fingertips. Topics for the Building Blocks change with each issue. Suggestions for upcoming publications can be sent to Building Blocks Committee Chair Joe Lueken, MS, ATC, LAT.


#12 Hyperthyroidism (pdf)

#11 Hypothyroidism (pdf)

#10 Treatments of Heat Illness (pdf)

#9: Types of Heat Illness (pdf)

#8: Chest Percussion and Auscultations (pdf)

#7: Cardiac Assessment Part 2 (pdf)

#6: Cardiac Assessment Part 1 (pdf)

#5: Abdominal Assessment (pdf)

#4: Abdomen (pdf)

#3: Viral Infections of the Skin (pdf)

#2: Bacterial Infections of the Skin (pdf)

#1: Fungal Infections of the Skin (pdf)

Building Blocks Process

For a detailed understanding of the Building Blocks for Clinical Practice Committee’s process, view the Building Blocks Flowchart (pdf).